• Payment Security
    Gonidou.gr uses the well known company paypal for credit card payments. Paypal uses the most secure mechanisms of encryption on the internet. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol is the international protocol certifying data encryption. When your sensitive information (i.e. credit card details) is being sent using SSL encryption, the sending software encrypts the data, and the receiving software decrypts it, while confirming that there has been no change during transfer.
  • Choosing Ready-Made Products
    At the home page, choose from one of our categories (women, men) and then the subcategory you are interested in. The sub categories are: shawls and scarves under women and scarves and ties under men. At the sub category level, you will find pictures of each design with information about the material used. By choosing one design, you will see which colours and sizes it is available in, as well as its price. By clicking on the big picture, you can see the detail of the design in a small rectangle on the picture. Choose the colour you want at the size that suits you best and press the button “Buy”. In this way, the product goes to your shopping basket. At your shopping basket you can change the number of products you want to purchase and see the final price or delete something you no longer want to buy before you go on to the checkout. You can also carry on shopping and add more products from the same or other categories. When you have finished shopping, go to checkout for payment.
  • Choosing Custom-made Fabrics
    Fabrics are not ready made, they are produced for you using the materials, colours and design you request. If you like a particular fabric, please contact us by completing the electronic form which can be found by clicking on Fabric, and we shall come back to you as soon as possible about the availability of the materials you chose, the total price and the time needed for production and delivery. The loom width is 1.45 metres (57’’). As an indication, the minimum time needed for production is 5 weeks.
  • New Member
    If you are a new customer, you will have to open an account with us in order to make a purchase. Click on the Account page and fill in the electronic form, choose a password which will be of at least 5 characters and click on submit. Your account will have been created. Your password is personal; it is your responsibility to ensure that no one else knows it. Gonidou.gr will not be held responsible for purchases made using your account. Alternatively, when you finish your product selection, click on checkout. The electronic form where you need to fill in your details will appear and you will become a member then in order to complete the order. At the bottom of the electronic form we shall ask you to choose a password, which has at least 5 characters, which, along with your e-mail address will be the easy access credentials for your next buys. Gonidou.gr respects and protects your personal information.
  • Already a Member?
    If you are already a member, you can log in by filling in your e-mail and your password and carry on to payment without needing to fill in all your details again. You can also edit your account information (i.e. change your address if you have moved house). In the event that you forgot your password, click on the “Forgot your password” link on the login page. Enter your e-mail address and we shall resend your password.
  • Payment
    After you have selected the product or products you wish to buy and you are registered as a member of gonidougr, the next step is paying for the goods. You can pay by any of the following ways:
    1. Via Paypal account
    2. Cash on delivery (This is only possible within Greece).
  • Order Confirmation
    After you place your order, you will receive an e-mail from us with your order confirmation. The e-mail will containϊthe products you ordered, the total value of the transaction, and the delivery address. If there is anything wrong in the details of the e-mail, please contact us on the same day. Gonidou.gr will not be liable for processing orders based on wrong details given by you.
  • Delivery Information
    For information about delivery, delivery timeframes, order cancellations and returns, please see our Shipping and Returns Policy.
  • Technical Problems
    If you encounter technical problems (power cut, pc crash etc) during a search for a product, you will have to repeat it. If you encounter technical problems during registering as a member but haven’t pressed the submit button yet, you will have to fill in the form again. If you had pressed the submit button, then your details have been stored in our database. If you encounter technical problems during placing an order and you had not reached the final stage, once you login again your cart will remember your order and all you have to do is go to the checkout. If you had reached the final stage, then you will receive an e-mail confirming your order.
  • Can I send a gift to a friend?
    Of course you can. At the first step when you go to checkout you can change the delivery address. The receipt will be sent to your address and the product(s) will be sent to the one you specify as delivery address. You can also have the products gift wrapped free of charge and right a short message for your friend.

How to look after your hand made scarf, shawl or tie
We suggest dry cleaning your hand made ties. For your scarf or shawl, we suggest hand washing or dry cleaning. If you decide to hand wash them, use detergent in liquid form in warm water and work using slow cyclical movements. Rinse with warm water and leave them for the water to drain and then hang to dry. Finally, iron them at the correct temperature for the material they are made of. Ironing is a good way of keeping fabrics alive, as it softens them and helps them maintain their form.